Beekeeping Veil Comparison: Exploring the Advantages of Round Veils and Fencing Veils

Beekeeping Veil Comparison: Exploring the Advantages of Round Veils and Fencing Veils

As with most things in beekeeping, beekeepers have strong opinions on which veil to choose for their bee suit or bee jacket: Fencing veil or Round Veil. In many cases, they have simply stuck with the one they first started with years ago and now they swear by it, mostly because it would be inconvenient to change. However, if you are buying a beekeeping suit for the first time, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. In this article, we will explore the benefits of each veil type and introduce an innovative alternative called the Bebeesuit, which combines the advantages of both designs. This way, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and needs.

Bee Suit Round Veil A round beekeeping veil sits on top of the beekeeper’s head. It has a round brim that holds the veil screen around the outside edge. The veil screen usually goes all or most of the way around the brim.

Round Veil Benefits:

  1. Secure Fit on Beekeeper’s Head: The round veil design ensures a secure and snug fit on the beekeeper’s head, minimizing the chances of bees getting inside the suit.
  2. Wide Unobstructed View: The round veil provides a wide field of vision, allowing beekeepers to have a clear view of their surroundings while working with the bees.
  3. Extra Protective Space All the Way Around: With the round veil, there is extra space between the beekeeper’s face and the veil, providing an added layer of protection against bee stings.
  4. Sun Protection (From Hat’s Brim): The round veil’s brim offers sun protection, shielding the beekeeper’s face from direct sunlight.

Round Veil Disadvantages:

  1. Warmer (As It Is Worn As a Hat): Since the round veil is worn on the head like a hat, it can be warmer compared to other designs, especially in hot weather.
  2. One Size Fits Most: Round veils usually come in one size that fits most people. However, individuals with very large or small heads may face some challenges with the fit.

Bee Suit Fencing Veil A fencing veil, named after the similar veil used in fencing with foils and sabers, is more like the hood of a sweatshirt than a hat. It does not rest on the head but sits above it, supported by a stiff material that arches over the front of the head. A fencing veil has veil screens in the front and often on the sides as well.

Fencing Veil Benefits:

  1. Cooler (As It Is Not Worn on the Head): The fencing veil design keeps the veil away from the beekeeper’s head, allowing for better airflow and reducing heat buildup.
  2. Easy Open Veil (Available from ComfortPro Suits): Some fencing veils, such as those offered by ComfortPro Suits, feature an easy-to-open mechanism that allows quick access to the face, making it convenient during beekeeping activities.
  3. Wide Clear View Screen (Available from ComfortPro Suits): ComfortPro Suits also offer fencing veils with a wide clear view screen, ensuring a broad field of vision while working with the bees.

Fencing Veil Disadvantages:

  1. Doesn’t Move With Head As Easily (As It Is Not Worn On the Head): Unlike round veils, fencing veils do not move as easily with the beekeeper’s head movements, potentially causing some obstruction or inconvenience during beekeeping tasks.
  2. Some Brands Offer Narrow Viewing Area (ComfortPro Offers a Wide View): It’s important to note that some fencing veil brands may provide a narrower viewing area, limiting the beekeeper’s visibility. However, ComfortPro Suits address this issue by offering fencing veils with a wide view, ensuring that beekeepers have an expansive field of vision while wearing their bee suits.
    Conclusion: In the end, it is up to each beekeeper to review the pros and cons of fencing veils and round veils and decide which veil is right for them. Some beekeepers love the secure fit and mobility offered by round veils, as well as the extra protective space they provide. Others prefer the cooler and more breathable design of fencing veils, especially those with easy open mechanisms and wide clear view screens.Introducing Bebeesuit: The Best of Both Worlds Now, there’s an innovative solution that allows beekeepers to have the best of both worlds—the Bebeesuit. This revolutionary bee suit combines the advantages of both the fencing veil and the round veil, offering a versatile and adaptable design that caters to different beekeeping preferences.The Bebeesuit features a modular veil system that can be easily interchanged between a fencing veil and a round veil. With this unique design, beekeepers can switch between the two veil options effortlessly, depending on their specific needs and comfort levels.By providing both veil options, the Bebeesuit allows beekeepers to test and experience the benefits of both designs firsthand. This flexibility empowers beekeepers to make an informed decision about which veil type suits them best, without the need to purchase multiple bee suits or jackets.Not only does the Bebeesuit offer versatility, but it also prioritizes functionality and protection. The bee suit itself is made from high-quality materials that provide excellent durability and resistance to bee stings. It features reinforced stitching, strong zippers, and adjustable closures to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

    The Bebeesuit is designed with ventilation in mind, allowing for optimal airflow to keep beekeepers cool and comfortable during hot weather or intensive beekeeping activities. It also incorporates convenient pockets for storing essential tools and accessories, ensuring easy access while working with the bees.

    In conclusion, the Bebeesuit presents a remarkable solution for beekeepers seeking the advantages of both fencing veils and round veils. Its modular design and focus on functionality make it a valuable asset in the apiary. With the Bebeesuit, beekeepers can confidently choose the veil type that suits their individual preferences and work conditions, all while enjoying the benefits of a high-quality, versatile, and protective bee suit.