At BeBees, we believe that it is crucial to keep yourself safe from unexpectedly getting stung by your bee friends so that you can continue enjoying working on your hobby as a beekeeper. The beekeeper suits offered by our firm are not just ordinary suits, as they have been developed with cutting-edge technology and designed to safeguard the person wearing them while providing an optimum environment for the bees.

What We Carry

Our firm BeBees provides supplies that are required during beekeeping and can easily be used by beginners who have recently started beekeeping as a hobby or professionals working in the beekeeping industry. Our beekeeping suits generally consist of heavy-duty material pants, a protective jacket, wrist-length gloves, a hat attached to a mesh veil, and ankle-length boots. We carry a thorough line of bee suits, beekeeper jackets, beekeeping gloves, veils, and also some on-demand items like hive kits and hives, along with beekeeping tools, tracheal mite controls, and queen-rearing equipment. Equipment for honey extraction and supplies used during the hygienic bottling of honey are also accessible through our company, which are essential items to enhance the experience while beekeeping and provide non-toxic breeding grounds for the bees. As time passes, BeBees is determined to make sure the survival of honey bees around the world amid declining environmental and climatic conditions, which make it hard for living things to survive. The high-quality products used by BeBees ensure to provide an optimum and non-poisonous environment that is required to keep the tiny almost extinct creatures.

Beekeeping Suit Details

Most of the beekeeping suits that we carry are developed from fine quality cotton fibers, which makes the beekeeping suits thick and could not allow penetration of bee stings and are a better choice to be used except for the summer season. Protective clothing items made from nylon, on the other hand, have a very breathable quality which is a good choice to be used in hot weather. Although nylon material is thin, it requires some time for the bee sting to be fully inserted through the cloth material and touch the skin, but it happens on rare occasions as nylon is slippery and bees tend to fall off from it as they are unable to grasp the material. The suits made of mesh to provide a guard against bee stings are the best protective suits. If the material is layered several times, it could help repel most of the stinging bees. Mesh is generally attached to the hat, which allows protection against the sting of bees on areas of the face and neck region while giving the individual area to have clear vision. The white color of all the beekeeping suits and protective items available on our site is due to the reason that dark-colored items tend to agitate the bees, making them attack the individual almost immediately. According to scientific research, which has been extensively done on the nature of bees, it has been speculated that the dark color of an item confuses the bees. If the stingers see any human clad in dark-colored clothing, they could mistake the person for a wild bear and would aggressively attack the individual, which could become lethal for the person. This reaction is due to bears and bees not getting along contentedly, so such confusion should be avoided. For individuals who are new to this hobby of beekeeping as they could have adapted during the coronavirus pandemic, investment in a superior quality beekeeping suit is a good way to start.

What We Believe:

BeBees is a cruelty-free organization that has been established while keeping the interests of people at hand that are intended to keep the well-being of bees intact and helps in easy extraction without hurting yourself or the precious bees around you. Our company encourages beekeeping activities that are being done locally along with the promotion of conservative efforts for the bees due to the decline in their population worldwide. The beekeeping suits by us along with various variety of other products offered by our firm have been manufactured with high-quality standards and safety measures, keeping in mind our number one priority to safeguard the individuals wearing the veiled suit from getting stung by the bees, while being in their natural habitat. The products offered on our web have been extensively tested before they are rolled out for sale. We promise that the gear provided by BeeBees would be loved and appreciated by you as much as us.