Cotton Beesuit - Basic Bee Suit

Discover the Basic Cotton Bee Suit from BeBees – your essential companion in the world of beekeeping. Crafted from lightweight, breathable cotton, this suit provides comfort and protection, making it perfect for beginners and experienced beekeepers. The natural fabric ensures a cooler experience on warm days, ideal for long hours spent tending to your hives.

This suit includes a veil designed to offer excellent visibility and face protection, while elastic cuffs and ankles prevent bees from entering the suit. Conveniently placed pockets allow for easy access to tools when you need them most. Robust zippers make the suit easy to put on and take off, ensuring a secure fit that keeps you safe as you work.

With its focus on functionality and durability, the Basic Cotton Bee Suit from BeBees is more than just protective gear—it's an investment in your beekeeping journey, tailored to enhance your comfort and safety every step of the way.

Polycotton Pink Beekeeping Suit Classic crafted with 100% poly cotton fabric, featuring a Fencing veil, matching gloves, and ample pockets for beekeeping tools.

Pink Beekeeper Suit - Polycotton Pink Beekeeping Suit Classic

$98.00 – $110.00
Introducing the Pink Beekeeping Suit, also known as the Pink Beekeeper Suit, designed to combine fashion, functionality, and comfort for beekeepers who demand the best. Our suit is crafted with...
Polycotton Beekeeping Suit crafted with 100% poly cotton fabric, featuring a Fencing veil, elastic cuffs, and ample pockets for beekeeping tools.

Polycotton Beekeeper Bee Suit

Beekeeper outfit is one of the best comfortable suits out there, made of high-quality cotton and polyester which makes it durable and sting proof. contains multiple pockets that are double stitched...
Full-body image of a man in a white beekeeping suit with seamless matching gloves and a secure round fencing veil, designed for comprehensive safety.

WhiteGuard Fencing Beekeeper Suit

$90.00 – $110.00
WhiteGuard Fencing Beekeeper Suit Meet the WhiteGuard Fencing Beekeeper Suit, the ultimate fusion of protection, style, and functionality in beekeeping gear. Meticulously designed for beekeepers who demand the best in...
OliveGuard Fencing Veil Suit featured a matching Veil, Goatskin Gloves, breathable fabric, and a secure zippered closure for safety.

OliveGuard Fencing Veil Suit - With Matching Veil and Goatskin Gloves

Introducing the OliveGuard Fencing Veil Suit: Your Essential Companion for Beekeeping Crafted with the needs of the dedicated beekeeper in mind, the OliveGuard Fencing Veil Suit combines functionality with style,...
Brown Cotton Apiarist Outfit incorporates a Ventilated Fencing veil, zippered front closure and double-stitched construction for durability

Brown Cotton Apiarist Outfit

$100.00 – $110.00
Introducing the Brown Cotton Apiarist Outfit: Your Trusted Partner in Beekeeping Discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality with the Brown Cotton Apiarist Outfit, specifically designed for the...